Novice Rowing Program

About 2022 WRC Novice Rowing:

The Novice Rowing program is available for members of WRC who are ready to commit to a more intensive (and fun!) training plan to become proficient on the water. This is a natural progression for new members who have just completed the Learn To Row program.

The WRC Novice Rowing Program is a 4-week session consisting of three practices per week. Participants who commit to the program and complete it become well versed in all facets of sweep rowing including safety, technique, training and competition. The Novice Program is a fantastic way to ‘get into’ this great sport.


$ 100 for graduates of 2022 WRC LTR program. $200 for current members of WRC who wish to participate. The number of participants will be limited to 32. No Refunds will be given once the program has begun.


Successful completion of Learn To Row at WRC. Please note that rowing is a physically demanding sport that uses your entire body. Rowers are required to carry boats and oars at each practice, which requires enough strength to lift at least 35 pounds over head. If you are unable to squat, put weight on your knees, or have concerns about your participation in boat carries, please contact us directly.

Practice Schedule:

The WRC Novice Rowing Program will run for 4 weeks beginning on Tuesday, June 21st with practices continuing through Saturday, July 16th.

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings (5:45pm – 8:00pm)
Saturday Mornings (9:30am – 11:30am) Time may change based on coach and rowers.

Note: The first class is an orientation day, and therefore it is requested that all registrants plan to attend this very important session. We understand that scheduling conflicts are inevitable, but please notify us immediately if you cannot attend this important first day.

2022 Novice Rowing Program

What to Expect (and what will be expected of you):

  • Safety. Participants are to follow WRCs established safety procedures and coach’s instructions.
  • Hard work. Be mentally and physically prepared to work at each practice.
  • Honoring your commitments. When you sign up to row, be there.
  • Be prepared. That even means rowing in the rain (but not lightning or dangerous conditions).
  • Be on time. Arrive 15 minutes before the start of each practice and be ready to go.
  • Keep an open mind. Be ready to learn!
  • Stay conditioned. Get yourself and keep yourself in good physical shape.
  • You will be actively coached. Expect to improve daily.
  • Keep your progress in perspective. Some practices will go really well, others will not.
  • Fun and fulfillment will happen naturally. You will make plenty of new friends, too!


  • We will attempt to go out on the water for every practice. However, there are weather circumstances that are out of our control so there could be cancellations. The schedule cannot be adjusted to compensate, though land-based training may be conducted if conditions preclude going out on the water.
  • Coach’s discretion if a practice needs to be cancelled due to weather.

COVID and Safety:
WRC has a strong commitment to maintaining the health and safety of our rowers and has worked very hard to ensure our rowing club is operating in a safe manner. If you are considering participation in Learn to Row this year, it is important that you know that we are requiring all participants to demonstrate that they are fully vaccinated (to include vaccine boosters).

Learn More:

Do you have a specific question regarding the WRC Novice Rowing Program? If so, please contact our WRC Rowing Chairs, Patty Davis and Donna Butler, at