Become a member of Wilmington Rowing Center and join a group of dynamic people in their pursuit of the ultimate sport of rowing. Rowing is such a great exercise in so many different ways.  It is a total body workout.  It is low-impact, promotes greater flexibility and relieves stress.  Rowing is a lifelong sport, able to be enjoyed by all ages.

We welcome everyone, even if you don’t know how to row. “Learn-to-Row” classes will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of rowing and get you out on the water in a safe, fun environment. Once you have completed the lessons, you are eligible to become a member of WRC and join our recreational and racing groups. All “Learn-to-Row” classes club teams are coached by qualified individuals who are well trained in every aspect of the sport.

Wilmington Rowing Center is run entirely by volunteers. We have a Board of Directors and various committees that help us keep the house in order, repair equipment, organize regattas, and coordinate special events. The members are the ones who make WRC a great rowing club. We hope that when you become a member you will bring your special skills with you, no matter how great or small.

To learn more about our club or to answer any questions about membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Membership includes use of the club boats: Eights, Fours, Quads, Doubles, and Singles.
  • Our 10,000-square-foot boathouse features stationary rowing machines (ergs) and free weights that are available to all members.
  • Access to beginning and intermediate rowing lessons
  • New Member Mentor to assist with transition into rowing groups, social activities, volunteer opportunities
  • WRC is fun!  Our club hosts many member social events thorough the year.

Next Steps

To apply for membership or rowing lessons please complete and submit the following:

  1. Check out “Learn to Row” class schedule
  2. WRC Membership application form;
  3. WRC Waiver ~Release Of Liability~Indemnification;
  4. Swimming certification;
  5. Payment to “Wilmington Rowing Center” (in amount as applicable);
  6. Execute US Rowing Release of LiabilityUse Club Code: XX9D9 for Wilmington Rowing Center.
    • In the “Individuals” section hover over the members tab
    • Select Sign Waiver
    • Login to your USRowing member account
    • Answer the Member Education questions if prompted
    • Complete the waiver and submit

Currently, the WRC ApplicationWRC WaiverDues and Fees, as well as the US Rowing Waiver can all be done online. Please note: All new members under the age of 26 will need to provide proof of age with copy of their drivers license, birth certificate, student ID, etc.

If mailing, forms and check(s) should be sent to:

Wilmington Rowing Center
Attention: Membership Chair

P.O. Box 7587
Wilmington, DE  19803