WRC is pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to name a team boat or oar in return for a one-time tax-deductable contribution to the Wilmington Rowing Center.  Consider having a boat named or oar sponsored in honor of your crew, your school, your cooperation, or in tribute to a loved one.

Type of Boat Donation Amount
Eight                          $1000
Quad/Four $800
Double $600
Single  $500
Type of Oar Donation Amount
Single Sweep Oar $100
Pair of Sculling Oars $200


Complete the following form and mail to Wilmington Rowing Center, P.O. Box 7587, Wilmington, DE  19803.

Any questions, please contact us.

Fine Print

  • WRC may reject a name without a reason.
  • WRC will attach the decal after the name has been approved and the contribution has been received.
  • The boat/oar will keep the name as long as the boat/oar is owned by WRC.