Incident Report (updated)

    Wilmington Rowing Center Incident Report

    An incident report must be completed for any on- or off-water incident that resulted in personal injury and/or significant damage to WRC equipment or property (excluding routine repair of boat wear and tear, lost skegs, lost nuts, etc.). Please add additional pages, sketches, and pictures if needed.

    This report will be distributed to the current WRC Board of Directors and a copy filed in the WRC Google drive.

    Date and Time of Incident

    Location of Incident

    Names of People Directly Involved

    Description of incident (include weather, water, traffic, other contributing factors):

    Did incident result in personal injury?

    If yes, please describe injury and followup:

    Did incident result in property damage?

    If yes, name property/boat and describe damage:

    Please attach any photos of damage:

    Follow-up actions / remedial actions required?

    If yes, describe follow-up:

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