COVID-19 Phase 2 (updated 3/11/2021)

Because of the Global Pandemic of Coronovirus COVID-19, we have to adjust many things at the WRC Boathouse.   These Protocols going forward are outlined in the Safety Protocol Guide.  This is in effect as of June 2, 2020, updated on June 15th (2020),  Sept. 22nd (2020) and March 11, 2021)

After you read the Safety Protocol, you must sign an additional waiver.  Please print it out and leave it at the Boathouse in the “Membership box”.  Right now, this will only be paper and not online yet.

For Phase 2, the 2nd part (which was approved 3/11/2021) will go in effect ASAP.  This now permits larger boats to go out.  WRC and USRowing recommends limiting your exposure by rowing only with an established crew.  The person organizing a crew should review the available slots in the Sign up Genius and click on the button to sign up.  You need to enter the names of ALL Crew members and coxswain on the signup, and update it with any substittuions made after the reservation is submitted.  This is important if someone comes down with COVID-19, they can alert the whole boat.  

***Coxswains in all stern-coxed boats are required to wear a mask and eye protection.***

ALL boats need to be signed out so times don’t overlap, and that we can control the amount of people in the boathouse.  We have set up a Sign Up Genius that you MUST use before any boat goes out.  It is quite easy to use.  You must sign up to be a member (if you do not have an account already) of Sign Up Genius, but it is free. After you log in, you select a time/date, and then press submit.  If you need to say something additional, please use comment sections.  Each slot is for one hour and a half.  This time, includes cleaning the boat and having it ready for the next time slot.  If you need more than that time, please sign up for 2 slots.  Please read the instructions below if you are not familiar with the Sign Up Genius.

Under Phase 2, a coach may go out with the boats.  That coach must follow the Launch Disinfecting protocol as stated below.

Of course, before you row you must sign the log book as usual (when you go out and when you return).  Please bring your own pen.

While at the boathouse, you must keep your mask on at all times until you get your boat on the water.  You must put mask back on, when you take up your boat.  Please follow the protocol for cleaning the boats.

The bathroom is closed except for emergencies, so please prepare for that!  Please clean if you do have to use it.

Membership Reopening Notice:

Phase 1 Membership Reopening Notice, updated 02Jun2020

Safety Protocol  – MUST READ Updated 3/11/2021:

Equipment Sanitation Protocol (updated 9/22/20):

Enhanced Equipment Sanitation Protocol 22Sep2020

Protocol for use of launch and gas for coaches: (updated 9/22/20)

Launch Disinfection Protocol 22Sep2020


WRC – Waiver and Release–final 5 28 2020

Please see separate area to sign out a boat