COVID-19 Information

Masks are no longer required outdoors.
Masks are not required indoors if you are fully vaccinated.  Since we cannot monitor who is vaccinated and who is not, we will adopt an honor system.  If you are not vaccinated, please respect your fellow rowers and wear a mask inside.   If you’re vaccinated, but still feel more comfortable wearing a mask inside, please do so.
Guests of members in good standing are permitted to row after signing the WRC Waiver.
It is no longer necessary to wipe down boats, seats, light switches, pens, surfaces, etc., with disinfecting wipes.  However,  we will continue dipping oar handles in diluted bleach solution to protect us from various pathogens found in the Christina.
Club towels are now permitted.
Personal belongings are also permitted in the boathouse.
The use of WRC’s indoor gym equipment and the WRC Conference Room is permitted.  Ergs will remain outside.
WRC can now operate at full capacity (while maintaining 3-foot social distancing.)
FYI  We have a large supply of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available for members to use for discretionary sanitizing purposes.  Irrespective of COVID-19, these sanitization measures help protect us from pathogens in and around the Christina.