Membership Application

    Membership Application

    Please note: the * indicates information that is required.


    Currently, this WRC Application, WRC Waiver, Dues and Fees, as well as the US Rowing Waiver can all be done online. If mailing, forms and check(s) should be sent to:

    Wilmington Rowing Center
    Attention: Membership Chair
    P.O. Box 3742
    Wilmington, DE 19807

    Please note: If you have never rowed before (e.g., Learn-to-Row applicants), please fill out sections A, C and E. If you have rowed before, please fill out sections A, B, D and E. Also, all new members under the age of 26 will need to provide proof of age with copy of their drivers license, birth certificate, student ID, etc.

    A. General Info

    Name of Applicant:*






    Cell Phone:


    Work phone:

    School (if student):



    Emergency Contact:*


    B. Rowing Interest and History

    Please indicate rowing interest:*

    Following please indicate experience, if any:

    Years rowing sweep:



    Years sculling:


    Do you own a shell:

    C. Rowing Lessons

    I hereby apply for a Learn-to-Row course designed to acquaint me with the basics of rowing. The cost for the course is $300.00.

    D. Membership

    I hereby apply for (choose one membership type):*         membership in Wilmington Rowing Center. I agree to be governed by and abide by the provisions of the Bylaws and the rules and regulations of Wilmington Rowing Center now in effect or as they may be supplemented or amended.

    The cost for membership is as follows:

    • Adult: $675 annual dues, plus an initiation fee of $200. The $200 initiation fee may be paid over two years with $100 payable in the first year of membership and $100 payable in the second year of membership.

    • Under-26: $337.50 annual dues, no initiation fee. Must be under age 26; this membership does not include voting privileges.

    • Coxswain: $0 annual dues, no initiation fee. Cox only, no rowing privileges, no voting privileges.

    E. A.Release and Indemnification

    See separate WRC Waiver ~Release Of Liability~Indemnification form which must be signed in addition to the US Rowing Waiver/Release (use XX9D9 as the Club Code in the Athlete's box).

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