Membership Application

Step 1:  WRC’s liability insurance is provided through USRowing. You must maintain at least a Basic membership ($25 to join, $20 to renew) in order to be covered under our policy, so Step 1 is getting USRowing current.  Go to USRowing’s Member Portal. If you are not already a USRowing member (or once were but can’t remember your membership information) click the JOIN button, then fill in the fields on the next page to search for your member record.

You will need to type “WRC” (not “Wilmington”) into the club search box and then enter roster code XX9D9 to move to the next step. If you have a member record, select it and click Renew. You only need to maintain a Basic membership for WRC purposes.

If you plan to race in a National Championship regatta you may want a Championship Membership. (Note: Diamond State Regatta does NOT require a Championship membership.) Complete the steps to join or renew. Also note whether your USRowing Waiver is current and follow the prompts to sign it if it has expired (your waiver runs concurrent with your membership). Note and save your membership number to make it easier to log in next year and to confirm it in your WRC member record. When you are done your member record should look like the below. You’re all done with USRowing for the year!

Step 2:  Next step is to log into or create an account with Regatta Central. Because your member record will be used for membership AND the boat reservation and check-out log AND regatta entries, every household member should have their own Regatta Central account and pay their own dues.

Step 3: Once you are logged in, on the top menu bar, click “Clubs” and scroll down to click on Wilmington Rowing Center – the last entry. (Or click the sort arrow on the top bar and it will come to the top.)  Click on the arrow to expand “Membership” then select the appropriate membership category (Adult, U-26, Senior) and click the blue [Join/Renew] button. Select your name from the “Participant” drop-down box. (Note:  If you have done entries for other people, you may have more than one name on your Participant list. Make sure to pick your own name for each club service you purchase.)

Step 4 – If Applicable:  If you also owe money for a boat rack, locker, program, or initiation fee, click the arrow next to the category and add the service. For EACH service you will need to pick your name in the dropdown box for the participant’s name. (If you owe your second initiation fee installment, you will receive a separate email reminder.)

Step 5:  When you are done adding services, click the gray [Next] button. Complete all the required fields on the registration form. All are required except Photo Release (optional but preferred) and Parent/Guardian Name and Signature (only required for under 18 applicants). Please give us good information for emergency contact! Digitally sign the Waiver. The language of the Waiver is the same as the USRowing Waiver but applies to WRC and can also be reviewed here.

Step 6:  Click Next, pay with Paypal or Credit Card, or check the “pay by check” box and check out. If paying by check, make your check out to Wilmington Rowing Center and mail it to

Wilmington Rowing Center
Attention: Treasurer
P.O. Box 7587
Wilmington, DE  19803

Step 7:  Save your Regatta Central username and password! You will need this to access the boat reservation and checkout log when we’re back on the water – and for paying dues next year.